Cute Kids Kindergarten
Phone: 0722319895

Cute Kids

We have created a child friendly kindergarten to enhance learning in different aspects of your child’s life. We are a licensed kindergarten in Kasarani, Nairobi, with well trained staff. Our staff provides a combination of services for the welfare of each child.


Our School

Besides early childhood education, we are keen to offer quality childcare services. With us, your child will be safe and comfortable even as they learn. We provide healthy meals and ensure that your child feeds properly every day.

An Enriching Preschool and Early Learning Centre in Nairobi

At Cute Kids Kindergarten, we do not just provide a space for your child to spend the day. We want to stimulate them to learn and grow mentally, socially and spiritually. We believe in empowering our children to become independent and confident. To provide this holistic experience, we have integrated Montessori and the new system of education in Kenya.
We mould the children to understand and believe in the right values. Your child learns the importance of honesty, obedience, and good behaviour.
Our goal is to have each child believe in their abilities, be bold to exercise their choices and feel that they belong in a loving community. You can trust us to provide your child with the right care and learning experiences.